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Halloween Party Ideas

Posted on: October 25, 2010

Its that time of year where everyone is in spooky spirits!  Every classroom, every daycare center, and even adults are ready for this years Halloween parties.  Here are some great ideas to make your child’s Halloween party the best year ever!

Of course there is the normal bobbing for apples, always fun, but this year think outside of the box.

Mummy Mania!

  • Divide the children into teams, then give them a few rolls of toilet paper.  Have the children make one of the other children a Mummy!  The team who completely mummifies their friend first wins!

Pumpkin Fun

  • Get as many different sized pumpkins as you wish.  Then fill up a large container of water.  Have the children guess if their pumpkin will sink or float then have them test it out!  This is a great science experiment, they are learning and having fun at the same time!
  • Pumpkin Carving or Decorating is always a favorite.  You can carve a large pumpkin or two and have the children play with the insides or you can give each child their own small pumpkin to decorate and make their own!

Scary Snacks

  • Punch is always at every party.  Scare it up by adding some creepy crawly gummy worms, spiders, and fake eyeballs to the frozen and unfrozen mix.
  • Witch Hat cupcakes turn an ordinary cupcake into a magical treat!  Simply take a cupcake, ice the cupcake, and then stick an icecream cone on top.  Add icing to the ice cream cone and decorate it as you please!
  • Graveyard cake.  Take an ordinary cake and ice it with white icing.  Sprinkle oreo crumbs on the top of the cake.  Then take oval shaped cookies and ice them with black or grey icing and decorate them like tombstones.  Add spider gummies and pumpkin candies to make it fun!

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  • Liz Atwood: This is amazing. I wish I would have known this when my kids were small.
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